Jr. Art Park Players Scholarships

Since it’s inception in 1889 as the Mead-Holm Memorial Scholarship Fund to its present day iteration as the Friends of the Art Park Players Scholarship Fund, it has proudly assisted more than thirty Jr. Art Park Players with financing their college educations.

Scholarship Qualifications

Graduating Senior

You must be a graduating high school senior and be currently enrolled in Jr. Art Park Player classes. You must also be in good standing with your school.

Enrolled 6 Semesters

You must be enrolled in the Jr. Art Park Player Program for a minimum of six consecutive semesters ending in Spring of your senior year.

C+ College Average

You must provide an official transcript from your college showing a grade average of 'C' or higher at the end of your first college semester.

Download the application form to view all terms and conditions. 

Additional restrictions may apply.

2021 Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations! We are so proud of you!

Logan W.

Kateri M.

Caleb H.

Aubree E.